Is Your Outfit Costing You Tinder Matches?

Photo: Courtesy of Tinder.
If you stick to the Kanye style code — neutrals galore and all-black everything — you might find yourself matchless on Tinder. Mashable reports that a new Tinder study found that a majority of its users, both male and female, were uploading similar profile photos with neutral, basic outfits that don't make them stand out. Tinder examined the profile photos of 12,000 male and female users between the ages of 18 to 40 in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. They found that 72% of men and 52% of women on Tinder wear neutral colors in their profile pictures. Black is the most popular shade worn by Tinder users — 30.6% of women and 32.3% of men don basic black for their photos, respectively. The other most popular colors were white, gray, and blue. In addition to wearing basic colors, Tinder's research also revealed that users tend to choose clothing that is considered traditionally gender-specific. That means women in dresses (22%) and men in button-down shirts (33%). According to Tinder's data, not a single woman wore a button-down shirt out of the thousands surveyed.

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