Timo Weiland Spring 2011 Goes To The Swedish Seaside

Every season, Timo Weiland keeps on getting better and better, and he proved his buzz has substance yesterday with a spring '11 presentation at Lincoln Center that took us to the sea. The mens and womenswear was inspired by seaside life, specifically the Scandinavian fjordlands and archipelagos that provide the backdrop for Ingmar Bergman's ocean-set drama Persona. The same sock-it-to-ya pops of color that were ubiquitous in his last season stay in play, as does his strong use of prints (the Rorschach offering is particularly bold). Look for nautical playfulness for men, with Breton striped shirts, cotton seersucker suits, and unusual polo shirts with color-blocking—plus, a little comic relief—all the dudes wore the same glasses as Mr. Weiland. The Weiland woman is all about the waist, with a corseted dress in vivid teal, fringed suspenders, and lots of layers of organza over skirts. While not for the faint-of-heart, sartorially speaking, we think if we rocked these looks in Sweden, we'd be the coolest tourists on the fjords. A post-Fashion Week flight to Stockholm sounds about right—Timo, you wanna take us with you?

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