Make Your Winter Tights Feel New Again

black-tightsPhoto: Courtesy of Net-A-Porter.
Not to go all groundhog on ya, but there are four more weeks of winter. And, arguably, four more weeks of black tights all day, every day — at least for those of us who enjoy a short hem in February. And, to put it plainly, our spandex pairs have totally left us B-O-R-E-D.
Don't ditch the tights prematurely or sulk into your same, blah pairs. Now's the time to really get the most out of that faithful winter essential. Pile on the colors, try out new silhouettes, and slip into some statement heels to dream up a few more reasons to love your stockings. You might as well be prepared — sartorially, if not emotionally — for one last freeze. Click over to Teen Vogue to read up on more tips for keeping this black-tight love affair sweet until the very end. (Teen Vogue)

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