Goodbye, Bean Necklace: Tiffany Might Ditch Elsa Peretti From Its Lineup

With rounded corners, a simple aesthetic, and instantly recognizable designs (The bean! The starfish! The heart!), Elsa Peretti's simple charms, earrings, rings, and more have been some of Tiffany's most iconic pieces. But after 38 happy years together, the two might be breaking up.
The real Elsa Peretti is 72 years old now, and is hoping to terminate her licensing agreement with the jewelry brand. With Frank Gehry, Paloma Picasso, and Jean Schlumberger in their roster, Elsa Peretti might have been the most recognizable (not to mention, affordable-ish) of the bunch. After 38 years, breaking up seems like such a sad thing to do! Can we suggest couples counseling? (WWD)
Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany's

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