How To Avoid That Weird Fabric Bellybutton When Tying Your Shirt

Britney Spears' tied-up oxford shirt really defined an era — one in which buttons were merely suggestions, shirt lengths were meant to be ignored, and your midriff needed to breathe. While knee socks and pom-pom barettes aren't necessarily staples in our closets these days, crop tops definitely are, and it's about time to bring back that button-down shirt tie. But, like many other things in your life that you've realized needed updating since 1998, your shirt-tying technique might need a revamp. If you got it right the first time — congrats. You were a much more clever belly-barer than we were. But, for those who were more intent on turning shirts into bras than achieving neat ties and avoiding massive, fabric outies, this is for you. Watch the video above for the technique we prefer. 

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