3 Women Share The Side Hustles They Do To Make Ends Meet

Illustration by Abbie Winters.
People have always found ways of making extra money on the side, whether that involves throwing Tupperware parties, braiding hair, or putting in shifts at a restaurant. These days, the emergence of apps and other digital platforms that connect people to part-time jobs has made it easier than ever to cobble together extra cash.
Some ventures are entrepreneurial in nature, whether it involves running an online shop or developing passive income revenue streams. Other gigs are more random — a simple matter of finding stuff to do online whenever there's time. Then, others are a mix of the two — think Uber and Lyft drivers who may spend hours scouting out passengers.
According to Finder.com, the average American with a side gig (a reported 69.8 million people) makes $3,075 per year. Millennials make slightly more, $3,677. That might not seem like a ton of money at a glance, but a few thousand dollars can put a big dent in student loans, credit card debt, or savings goals.
Curious what that looks like IRL? Refinery29 talked to three women — married, engaged, partnered, recently out of school, or gigging full-time — about their side gigs, and how they make them happen.
These interviews have been condensed for clarity and length.
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