This Is Our Jam: The Very Best & Kate Bush, "Running Up That Hill"

You may have noticed that it was Mother’s Day on Sunday (hi, Mom!), and to give thanks to the wonderful women that birthed us, ecstatic Afro-pop party enthusiasts The Very Best have offered up the aptly titled SUPER MOM mixtape. Among the myriad artists featured on SUPER MOM (Kanye West, Baaba Mal, LCD Soundsystem), The Very Best’s take on Kate Bush's “Running Up That Hill” is the most compelling. Kate Bush’s influence on recent dark art pop cannot be overstated (see artists like Austra and Bat For Lashes), but The Very Best are about as far removed from these en vogue Bush disciples as could be. Even so, the collaboration of Malawi pop and dark chanteuse vocals come together in a way that sounds wholly of the moment. The Very Best have the advantage of starting with a classic—but the fact that they're able to add their own celebratory rhythm without taking away from the original's emotional intensity is quite a feat. As a bonus? Your mom will love this, too.
The Very Best & Kate Bush—SUPER MOM mixtape
"Running up That Hill"
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