What Every Astrological Sign Is Thankful For This Year

produced by Julie Borowsky; modeled by Kiara Sherman; modeled by Kokie Childers; photographed by Rochelle Brock.
With Thanksgiving just two weeks away, you probably already have gratitude on the brain. And it's likely you already show thanks for all of the grand, major-scale blessings in your life (family, health, shelter). But what about the smaller, more mundane things that, despite their minor impact, really do make your days better?
In the same way that every Zodiac sign has different overarching values, they also have different creature comforts — and, this time of year, those are absolutely worth celebrating.
For a Scorpio, their simple joy might be the private browsing feature. For an Aries, it might be their umpteenth caffeinated drink of the day. Whatever it is, take a second in the days leading up to Thanksgiving to appreciate what little things make your everyday life a lot more fun — even if that thing is as silly as a really, really good Instagram post.
If you aren't sure what your sign has to be thankful for this year, read on to find out.

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