15 Things Every ’90s Kid Understands

Cell phones have the power to connect the world and make nearly all of humanity’s knowledge ever accessible. They are both a blessing and a — yep, we’ll say it — a curse. In our quest to keep in touch with family, friends, and even use the power of mobile Wi-Fi to meet new friends, we’re now burdened with the need to be connected at all times. At a concert. At a movie. Can we even get peace on the toilet?
Don’t get us wrong, the ubiquity of internet-enabled phones has helped the world shrink in many positive ways. But it's also totally destroyed some experiences. The movie Home Alone? That would be resolved by roughly minute 25, when Kevin wakes up and texts his parents, who are en route to the airport, wondering where they are.
Today, we’re reminiscing on the experiences of yesteryear that look completely different now that smartphones have “ruined” them. From showing off your trivia knowledge, to enjoying a dinner uninterrupted by a phone notification, to striking up conversation with a stranger — ahead, here's what we miss about life before we had minicomputers in our pockets.

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