Fine Hair? No Problem! Here’s How To Get The Most Out Of Thinner Strands

To the fine-haired ladies out there: we feel your pain. In a world where Kardashian-levels of fullness and extensions have become the hairstyle standard (not to mention the lovely Duchess Kate and her impossibly thick locks), it's enough to make us thinner-haired ladies a little bummed.
Short of implants or weaves, we're kind of out of luck when it comes to truly increasing the thickness of our hair, so we think it's about time we made due with what we have. To help us find those perfect styles for fine hair types, we reached out to none other than Nick Arrojo (yes, the adorable English hair pro behind all of those amazing hair makeovers on What Not To Wear), who was expectedly full of information and suggestions for reaching our fine hair nirvana.
According to Arrojo, maximizing the look of fine hair — no matter what the cut or style — starts with the right care. "If hair texture is naturally fine, the key is to use lightweight shampoos and conditioners that won’t weigh down the hair." If your hair is fine and dry, Arrojo stresses that strategic moisturizing is key. "If hair is dry as well as thin — this is most likely if hair has been through chemical treatments — the best thing to do is follow the same steps as above, but also use a moisturizing conditioner. However, it is imperative that this moisturizing conditioner only be applied mid-length to the ends, not near the roots. The mid-lengths and ends are the oldest part of the hair strand, so these are the parts that will be dry. The roots are new hair, and less prone to becoming dry; so putting a moisturizing product here will only weigh down the hair."
Now that you know the best way to care for your delicate locks, click through for Arrojo's tips for the best cuts, styles, and products to boost volume and texture — plus, how to make your amped-up look last all day.
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