The Worst Fashion Photoshop Disasters

It's a fact of modern life that in a post-Photoshop world, you can't take images at face value anymore. Besides being able to remove that red eye, photo retouchers have the power to subtract fat or add flesh, compose a group shot of celebrities who are scattered around the world, compensate for bad lighting, and even digitally Windex a dirty window. But sometimes they can get all Dr Frankenstein on us and start compromising their subjects' anatomical integrity. Limbs go missing, hands suddenly appear, and—in the recent case of Kimora Lee Simmons' Dare Me ad—entire bodies can end up being an amalgamation of a whole village of parts. Here are examples of some of the worst offenders.
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Ralph Lauren and Fillipa Hamilton
This highly controversial Ralph Lauren ad makes model Fillipa Hamilton look like distorted bobble head being sucked into a vortex. Ralph Lauren later apologized, but our eyes still haven't forgotten.
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Emma Watson Burberry Campaign
This is an excellent strategy. Employ your stunner of a brother to distract from the fact that you are missing the rest of your right leg.
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Demi Moore on The Cover of W Magazine
In this photo of Demi Moore wearing Balmain on the cover of W magazine, her body looks awfully similar to Anja Rubik's. Demi's disappearing hips caused a ruckus when this photo was first published, but W's Creative Director Dennis Freedman claims that there was no retouching of the image.
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Kimora Lee Simmons vs. Daria Werbowy
Don't look now Daria, but we think Kimora's head stole your body.
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John Paul Gaultier Model's Detchable Leg
As if her detachable leg wasn't clear enough, it's pictured not once, but twice—once in color, and once in black and white—in this John Paul Gaultier for Target ad.
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Beyoncé Emporio Armani Perfume
While we believe that Beyoncé can do basically anything, we aren't sure that even she can throw her arms behind her back and hold a bottle of perfume in front of her at the same time.
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Kate Winslet GQ
The first lesson of Photoshop retouching: make sure you don't forget to do the same to the reflection!
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Taylor Swift in Russian Magazine Oops
Did Taylor just get stung by 100 bees and have a terrible allergic reaction? Oops, indeed.
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Gisele For London Fog
Its no secret that Gisele's got a rockin' bod, but lets be real. Who has a stomach that looks like a synthetic Barbie doll's? Someone needs to lay off the blur tool.
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Carla Bruni in Closer Magazine
The perfect accessory to a beautiful evening gown is not a black clutch but apparently, a floating third hand.
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Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush in
Perhaps Reggie Bush is actually a vampire? How else can you explain his missing reflection in this photo?

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