The City's Best Bartender Shakes Up The Ultimate New Year's Eve Cocktail!

Hunkering down at home this New Year's Eve? Well, you're not alone, and with this Perfect Punch Bowl drink recipe from the hottest Downtown L.A. bartenders, Devon Tarby and Marcos Tello of The Varnish, you might even want to tempt a few friends over for some group imbibing. Mixing bourbon with champagne keeps both gender camps happy—light, fresh, and super easy to whip up, this Punch will have guests going in for seconds....and thirds!
Perfect New Year's Punch Bowl
3 thin-cut peels of three lemons
3 heaping barspoons of super-fine sugar
6 ozs. Fresh lemon juice
6 ozs. Grenadine (just combine 6 ozs. pomegranite juice with 3 ozs. super-fine sugar)
4 ozs. Simple syrup
.5 oz. Angostura bitters
12 osz. Bourbon
16 ozs. Champagne
Copious amounts of ice!
Muddle the lemon peels with superfine sugar. Add remaining ingredients, except for champagne, and stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Add ice and stir again. Strain over a large block of ice and top up with champagne. Serves 12-15.

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