The Tiniest, Cutest Gift, Ever

Behold this tiny wonder. Isn't it the sweetest? Yes, our actual hearts went pitter-patter when we saw this petite, heart-shaped cactus from NY-based plants store The Sill. If you were dithering to find the perfect gift, the search is over. This is pretty much the ideal Valentine's Day token, due to its size (subtle) and extreme cuteness (not serious, but playful). Great for someone whom you just met yesterday, or your partner of 10 years (after all, do you really need more stuff? No). This wee green thing is a variety called the Hoya and comes potted in a red or white dish. It comes with a card and, just like your love, it will grow with a little TLC — not die like those bodega flowers. We're buying one for ourselves. 

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