The Odyssey Of Cartier In An Epic Short Film

As an icon of international luxury, the House of Cartier has just released a cinematic short chronicling Cartier's 165 years. Cartier is represented by a jewel encrusted panther (obviously), who breaks free from his dormant state and travels from France to Russia, China, and India, where the luxury goods company had transformed itself from humble jeweler to luxe ubiquity. Set to dramatic orchestra music composed by Pierre Adenot (remember Paris Je T'aime?) we follow the panther to the jeweler's modern-day muse played by supermodel Shalom Harlow (swoon!).
L’Odyssée de Cartier, though a short film, captures the brand's long legacy perfectly. Despite Cartier's antiquated history, we bundle the brand with never-go-out-of-style opulence à la the Chanel bag or a Rolls Royce. We mean, come on, grandma's jewels can be questionable... but great-grandma's Cartier goods? Yes, please!
Check out the film below and click through to see the making of the film—two years and 60 people later!

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