Now At The New Museum: An 102-Foot-Slide, Upside-Down Goggles, And A Carousel

One of the reasons growing up is sad is because you can't (normally) fit in at places like The Liberty Science Center, with its touch tunnel and interactive exhibitions. Instead, as you age, museums tend to be more about McQueen and less about mayhem. But not anymore. Today through January 15, the New Museum lets you play, swing, and even float in a dynamic exhibit fit for the kid (and critic!) in all of us. German artist, Carsten Höller has come to NYC, and with him he's brough a 102-foot-long slide (with light effects so strong the museum guards wear sunglasses), a fully mirrored swing carousel (like the ones you dangle your toesies off of in those traveling circuses, but more intense), inverse goggles (where you see the world totally upside-down), and a "sensory deprivation pool," (ok, we don't know what this one does exactly but we want to find out)! The exhibition is meant to test how gallery-goers interact with the spaces around them, and expose them to sensorial experiences—like seeing the world upside down—they would otherwise deem impossible.Click through the photos and tell us what you think of the funusual features! (Gothamist)
New Museum, 235 Bowery (at Prince); 212-219-1222. Photos: Via Gothamist

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