The Lonely Island Teaches Us The Dangers Of A YOLO Lifestyle

Call us grandma, but have you ever noticed that YOLO is basically just an excuse to do totally reckless and ridiculous things? Staying out 'til 4 a.m. the night before a huge presentation at work? YOLO. Eating an entire box of Girl Scout cookies in a single day? YOLO. Wearing last night's outfit to the bagel shop? YOLO. But, living your life with total disregard for consequences can be dangerous — at least according to Andy Samberg and the rest of The Lonely Island crew.
For the rap group's latest prophetic tune, they teamed up with Adam Levine to give us a (tongue-in-cheek) life lesson on how to live life cautiously in a totally anti-YOLO way. They preach-rap about building a bomb shelter, wearing noise-canceling headphones to bars, and cooking your meat thoroughly — all in the catchiest way possible. Kendrick Lamar even shows up to wax poetic about 401Ks and real estate investment. So, board your windows up, don your straight jacket, and give this jam a listen. And, remember: "YOLO? Say no, no." (HypeBeast)

Photo: Via HypeBeast