When Juicing Meets Boozing: We’re Loving These New Superfood Cocktails

It's no secret that we love a good party here at R29, and that means we love a good cocktail, too. Unfortunately, we don't love that hungover, bloat-y, headache-y, unhealthy (you get the picture) feeling we get after imbibing on a few too many boozy sippers. One solution would be to, you know, cut the cocktails, but that's just a little bit too drastic for us. So, when we got word of the new watering hole The Lcl, and its menu of Organic Avenue spiked drinks, we almost jumped for joy.
The Lcl (we're not quite sure how to pronounce it), which specializes in a super unique menu of small-batch spirits, will be serving up a roster of super juice cocktails, made from the cold-pressed concoctions of Organic Avenue. The sips are all locally sourced, and come with wholesome ingredients like OA's Giving Green Juice, muddled cucumber, coconut water, and more. While tossing these back won't make your Saturday night a totally diet-friendly event, it will certainly help fend off the inevitable dehydration — oh, and we bet your Sunday morning will be a lot more pleasant, too.
The Lcl Bar & Kitchen, 212 East 42nd Street (between 7th and 8th avenues); 212-405-4399.

Photo: Courtesy of The Lcl