The General Store: Engineered Garments Comes to Den

As we've reported time and again, Den, the small ("cozy" in Manhattan real-estate parlance) space next to Odin's East Village store has become a second home for emerging designers or popular indie labels without a boutique to call their own—a guest-room futon in the world of fashion retail, if you will. Previous residences by Tim Hamilton, Robert Geller, and others have given Den the designer bona fides of a much larger operation while offering shoppers a carousel of aesthetics and choices (the space is slightly renovated for each occupant.) But perhaps no visitor has arrived at Den with more luggage than its newest temporary boarder, the GQ/CFDA-award-winning brand, Engineered Garments.

Fittingly for a brand that bases its aesthetic on the workwear of turn-of-the-century miners and laborers (albeit with a smart, urbane twist), Engineered Garments and its head designer, Daiki Suzuki, have collaborated with Den's staff to transform the space into a tribute to the traditional American General store. In addition to Suzki's shirts, sweaters, pants, and jackets—all of which could do double duty in the Adirondacks and Cobble Hill—the "Country Store/EG" will offer similarly useful town-and-country gear such as Faribault Blankets, Dayton workboots, and Duluth Pack's canoe bags. Good thing too—it's time for city and country mice alike to start stocking provisions for the long season ahead.
Den is located at 330 East 11th Street, 212-475-0079;
Den is located at Den is located at 330 East 11th Street, 212-475-0079;