The Evolution Of Temporary Tattoos

Some trends, as cool as we assumed they were at the time (lookin' at you, overly plucked brows and butterfly clips), are better left in the past. In other words, the chances of us being caught wearing lip liner three shades darker than our lipstick or rocking flat twists anytime soon are about as likely as us going foundation-free forever — slim to none. That said, there is one blast-from-the-past trend that we’re pretty pumped is back, and possibly even here to stay.
To say that temporary tattoos have made a comeback would honestly be an understatement. It's more like a full-on resurgence. It's not all that surprising given the the nonstop '90s renaissance we've been experiencing, but did you know that the obsession with these transient tats actually goes way back? We didn’t, either, until we decided to jump in and do some digging — so detective-y of us, we know.
If you want the deep dive on these trendy tattoos, and how they evolved into the phenomenon they prove to still be today, read on, and then get some impermanent ink of your own.

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