The Signs As People You Inevitably See When You Go Home For The Holidays

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For those who have moved away from their hometowns, Thanksgiving Day itself isn't necessarily worth looking forward to. It's Thanksgiving Eve, known affectionately in some parts as Blackout Wednesday, for all the revelry and, er, catching up that goes on as old friends and acquaintances reunite at the local watering hole.
On this night of nights, you're bound to run into a few familiar faces from your high school days — the former jock, your bitter rival, your dearest crush. And many of these people fit quite neatly into the personality types we tend to assign to the 12 signs of the Zodiac.
Sure, the queen bee in your high school might not have technically been a Gemini, but on some level, she likely behaved quite a lot like a Gemini would. And, even if you know he's a Sagittarius it's hard not to think "Aries" when you think of the former quarterback. So, if you're a regular horoscope reader and need a little help socially navigating Thanksgiving Eve, try viewing everyone as an astrological superlative.
Here, we've assigned the most accurate Zodiac sign to all the former classmates, friends, and frenemies that you'll encounter on your night out.

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