A Temporary Tattoo For Your Mouth? Stunning!

_55A0768_Leandra_Medine_MarkIantoscaPhotographed by Mark Iantosca.
Do you love bright lipstick enough to temporarily tattoo it on? Yes? Good news: There's a product out there that makes it possible. What's more, the formula reacts differently on every pout, turning a uniquely flattering shade of reddish pink depending on the wearer. Sounds like a lipstick myth, but Leandra Medine of Man Repeller tried it out after a friend discovered the product in Berlin, and it's definitely real — and awesome.
Though at first the pal who found this mystical lipstick thought it might use henna to create a temporary-tattoo effect, some digging revealed it probably contains red 27, like a lot of lip-changing products from the 1980s. The ingredient is colorless when it's dissolved in a waterless base, but, says Medine's friend, "When it comes into contact with moisture, it reacts to the pH (pure hydrogen) balance and temperature of your lips, which causes the color change. This reaction to the skin’s acidity accounts for the variance in hue from person to person."
The draw here, though, is not so much the magical, color-changing properties but how long it lasts. When Medine tried out the product — which looks green in the tube — it stayed put for 24 hours. Now, that's a long-lasting stain. Head on over to Man Repeller to learn more and check out photos of how the product wears. Finally, let us know if you'd be able to commit to a hue in such a serious way. (Man Repeller)

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