Team Works: This Week in Designer Collaborations

springclifton_main.jpgRecently, we mentioned the Charlotte Ronson and Urban Outfitters collaboration, but there must be something in the water because this week the Internet has seen more collaborations than a street-bought mix tape.
Hot on the heels of their Target project, local favorite Hayden-Harnett may be in talks with Brooklyn-based shoe company Pony (Product of New York) to add some spice to their sneakers. Grey Ant and Urban Outfitters are pairing up for a late August release of "Grey Antics." Come September, head back to U.O. for Spring & Clifton's limited line (and for a blast from the past, check out SuChin Pak modeling the collection.)
Moving to more highbrow pursuits, Isabel and Ruben Toledo are partnering with dance company Morphoses / The Wheeldon Company to create not only costumes, but also the set for Stravinsky's "Pulcinella Suite" in London. We don't know if we will fly across the Atlantic to see this, but it sounds lovely nonetheless. Over at the New Museum, Daniel Guzman has paired up with majorly-hip jewelry designer Gabriel Urist (Kanye, Ghostface, and Zac Posen) to create a limited edition line of jewelry for the New Museum of Contemporary Art.
Finally, Fashion-Fringe-winning designer Elena Kozhevnikoa will be designing the hand-me-down trophy for the next winner (announced on September 18.) Our awards collection hasn't developed past our 8th-grade Home Ec honors, so we'll be looking on with envy.

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