This Tiny Studio Will Inspire Your Next Apartment Makeover

For Redmond Aldrich designer Taylor Shanahan, revamping homes is second nature. When it came to her own Haight-Ashbury studio, she approached it like she would any job: with a lot of determination and patience. 

Shanahan transformed her 450-square-foot space into a colorful oasis full of vivid wallpaper and Craigslist-sourced furniture. The result? Proof that small-space living is anything but boring. It was no easy feat though; the project took about 15 months to complete, and involved endless hours surfing social media for ideas and inspiration. 

We invited ourselves over for a little tour, just as Shanahan put the final touches on the space. While this apartment may be small, it's packed with personality thanks to Shanahan's insider secrets — and we've got them right all here.

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