This $5 Bronzer Is The Smartest Buy You'll Make This Summer

If you've ever wandered the aisles of your local drugstore looking for something special, then you know the rush of potentially finding your bargain makeup soulmate. That blush or mascara that randomly catches your eye on the shelves and ends up being your long-lost love.
Sometimes the item won't work out, but other times it can change your beauty routine forever. NYC's Sun 'n' Bronze powder was one of those buys for me. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I honestly felt like a changed woman after I tried this bronzer for the first time.
I picked up this New York Color bronzer in Fire Island Tan as a teenager from my local drugstore, based purely on the low price tag (under $5!) and the fact that the product contained several strips of color, making it easy to customize a flattering look. I liked the name of the product — I'd always wanted to live in New York — and it seemed hard to mess up, too. Little did I know, this would be the product that would make me love bronzer for years to come.
Once I swiped this powder onto my cheekbones with a small Kabuki brush for the first time, I noticed that my face instantly looked healthier and more radiant. As someone with tons of freckles and a neutral undertone, this collection of warm and cool tan shades was my perfect match. The powder has just the right amount of pigment for a makeup beginner, and the tiny bits of sparkle gave me a healthy glow — without looking too glittery on the skin.
It's still my go-to years later, and saves me enough cash to keep hunting for my next drugstore soulmate, too.
NYC Sun 'n' Bronze in Fire Island Tan, $4.47, available at Walmart.

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