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It's no news that sweatpants aren't just for the gym or lazy days at home anymore. But, for a lot of us, these casual pants still carry the sloppy stigma. It's time to flip the script — we can find outfits that both look and feel nice and cozy all at once. With the right styling, a cool pair of sweatpants can look perfectly put-together. To prove it, we've made five outfits that demonstrate just how to make those comfy sweats look upscale for every and any situation, Netflix viewing party optional.
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For Dressed-Up Days
Ironically, the daytime is the most complicated scenario for shapeshifting sweatpants — falling into a sloppy abyss seems all too imminent when most flat shoes and tops don't quite result in a buttoned-up look. The key here is to pair your sweats with dressed-up extras to off-set your casual bottoms. To make things even easier, try to find a pair of sweats that are dressed up, too, like this pinstripe option.
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For Sunday Errands
Crush your weekend errands with a no-fuss look that puts comfy basics front and center. Start with cushiony sneaks and OnePiece joggers for some extra pep in your step. Keep it polished with a chic breton tee and a leather shopper for farmer's market goods and other odds and ends you pick up along the way. Bonus points if you can work in an unexpected floral visor to take your off-duty style up a notch.
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For The Gym (or Not…)
The athleisure trend has been around for a minute, and our guess is it will stick around for another minute. So, whether you're heading to the gym or just lounging around, go for an athletic-inspired look you actually dig.
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For Date Night
The last thing on your mind during a date should be how uncomfortable your pants feel. Take the pressure off, and get your sweats up-to-date (pun intended) with a clean heel, a blouse that gives a bit of waist-definition, and a simple bracelet. Now you're ready to rumble.

Topshop top.
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For Casual Fridays
Sweats to the office? Unless your dress code is super lax (like the R29 HQ) you probably should save your sweatpants for casual Fridays. Opt for a chambray pair and add work-appropriate touches, like an oversized button-down, and a pair of loafers.

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