The Most Tricked-Out Beauty Products Out There

There's nothing we love more than a little splurge. We'll justify the hell out of spending three figures on a pair of boots, ordering an expensive bottle of wine with dinner, or buying bouquets of peonies for our tiny studio apartment because they make us feel good. But, what does a splurge look like to the girl who has everything?
Apparently, everything's coming up crystals. If you've got the dough to spend, you could get yourself Swarovski eyebrows, a jewel-encrusted perfume bottle, or — wait for it — a $675 bottle of nail polish.
And, it seems like these buys are having a moment. Lately, more beauty brands have been tapping crystal companies to add some sparkle to their wares. We have to wonder who first declared, "You know what would make this totally normal object rad? If we bedazzled it and sold it for a bajillion dollars!"
So, does the world need these products? Probably not. But, you know what? A little part of us is happy knowing that, should we ever win the lottery, we could go out and spend $300 on a blinged-out makeup brush.
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