Generra’s Swaim and Christina Hutson Talk Love, Work, Valentine’s Day


When we heard that
was relaunching their men's collection under the creative direction of
Swaim Hutson
, the mastermind behind Obedient Sons, we got the chills. When wife Christina was added into the mix to do the women's line, we broke out in a full fledged fashion sweat. Probably the cutest couple in fashion, Swaim and Christina injected a youthful, '70s vibe into their design debut for fall '10 yesterday. While the clothes were rad, we were kinda more interested in how the duo manages working and playing together.


How do you handle living together and working together?

Swaim: "We're getting a divorce next week!"
Christina: "No, ha, no we're not!"

But, really? How!
Christina: "We've been doing it long enough to figure out how to make it work. The thing that actually makes it better is that if we fight, we can get personal with each other and forgive, because we aren't just working together."
This is an amazing new project. We are so excited...
Swaim: "Well yes, this is definitely new for us. So that also makes it easier for us to work together because it's so exciting. We haven't really been working together for more than 3 years, and it still feels fresh."
Any fights:
Swaim:"Of course there are times when she thinks she's right and I think I'm right. But it's a formula. We do it quite well."
What are you doing for Valentine's Day?
Swaim & Christina: "Sleeping!"

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