5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 20 2012

Men, listen up: Thanks to Svbscription and their ultra-luxe deliveries, your next vacay just got a whole lot happier. And, bonus, you don't need to search Duane Reade endlessly trying to find their travel-sized toiletries. (Svbscription)

We're just going to put it out there — bloggers have it pretty good. From front row seats and generous freebies, to cool accessories collabs, they live the life. And, we're digging this particular collab.
(Vogue UK)

What do you get when you combine a kitten, bags of chips, and the subway tracks? You'll have to click to see, but we're going to have nightmares all week.

The games may be over (boo!), but fortunately all isn't lost with the US Open right around the corner. Even if you're more into trendy tresses than tennis, let the excitement prevail thanks to Julien Farel's Style Suite. (Julien Farel)
A date for your diary, sport-fans: August 22. Tennis-champ Novak Djokovic will be stopping by Uniqlo's Fifth Ave store to pose for your photos. Say cheese! (UNIQLO)
Photo+>: Courtesy of Portable