Photographer Sunny Shokrae Is Perfectly “All Over The Place”

Sunny Shokrae, Photographer
Sunny Shokrae's name should be a familiar one for most R29 readers — she's been lensing some of our most gorgeous features to date. And while her photos have a tendency to vivaciously pop from the film, there's just as much magic lingering behind the shutter. Boasting a mix of luxury and secondhand, Shokrae's style, at least according to her, may not always have a rhyme or reason. She says "all over the place," but we happen to think she's got the blend just right. With colorful taste (and a pretty killer style anthem if you ask us), Shokrae knows how to fine-tune her selections to pieces that truly work for her. Which is just part of the reason why we're glad she's stepping out from behind the camera for us this time.

My style in six words or less:
"All over the place but polished."

The dressing difficulties I've had to overcome:
"Well, if we’re being totally frank, I can never go braless, which is inconvenient. I can't wear specific styles and shapes that are so chic and simple, because they just aren’t for my body type. If something fits my waist and legs, it's gotta be bigger for my top, which is constantly limiting what I can pull off. But, life has bigger problems, so it’s not all that bad."

My first major, big-ticket style purchase:
"When I was 23, my day job was marketing at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, and we got an awesome discount. I bought this amazing gray, Mike & Chris leather jacket. Leather ain't cheap, so it was my first big $$$ purchase. I only ended up wearing it a couple times, because it's kind of intense, and it still sits in my closet, and I think, 'crap, I need to sell this!' But, that period of time, in my very early 20s, became the moment when I started mixing high-end and secondhand stuff."

My favorite up-and-coming designers:
"I never know exactly what to say to this question. I buy things I like and for weeks won’t look at the tag until someone asks what I’m wearing. Off the top of my head, I can think of a few things: I just bought these amazing plexi, pink, heart-shaped glasses by this artist named Hanny Ahern. She makes a lot of really cool designs. I also love Upstate pieces; they are my favorite for traveling. Zilla is making really cool iridescent bags at the moment, and [I'm] always discovering new designers in stores like OC and No.6."


My style theme song:
"Currently, a mix of Surahn's ‘Watching the World’ and Danzig’s ‘Dirty Black Summer’"

My definitive summer go-to outfit:
"This summer it's all about my bright-blue mason jumper and mustard No.6 clogs."

If you were 80 years old today:
"The ladies of Advanced Style get me really hyped to hit the age where I’ve collected all of my heart's desires and can wear it all at once if I wanted. I’m gonna go nuts at 80; it’s gonna be so legit."

Styled by Laura Pritchard, Hair by Bethany Brill, Makeup by Tiffany Patton

Look 1: Mason cobalt jumpsuit; Rebecca Minkoff mule; J.Crew Neon Minaudière, $128, available at J. Crew; Bing Bang Gold Sword Studs, $42, available at Bing Bang; Lady Grey bracelet and ring.
Look 2: Topshop flower cami top, $72, available at Topshop; Club Monaco Ela Suede Jacket, $595, available at Club Monaco; Proenza Schouler nude slip-on heel.


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