4 Beauty Looks That Are Pure Summer

Photographed by Aingeru Zorita.
If you’re anything like us, you're ready to release a flurry of pent-up fun by the time summer comes around. Pool parties, rooftop gatherings, mega music festivals: They all get us in the mood to play with our fashion and makeup. We want a look that kicks some serious ass and — let’s be real — makes us feel kick-ass, too. Is it too much to ask for our cosmetics to give us superhero powers? We’re not asking for mind-bending skills (not that we’d pass them up) — just a surge of confidence and guts, so we can leave our low-key, plain-Jane, last-season selves in the dust.

Our secret weapon is makeup artist Allie Smith. She started with everyday cosmetics and, pow, created four impactful looks that are sure to blow up your Instagram. No special skills or tools required; each look is easy to recreate with a few products from COVERGIRL that are available at any drugstore. And, thanks to her tips, a new look is just a few quick tricks away.

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