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6 Extremely Relatable Summer Beauty Issues — & What To Do About Them

Despite the euphoric feelings associated with summer, there’s a host of, well, less-than-glamorous beauty issues that tend to pop up during warmer months, like humidity-induced frizz, dry feet, oily skin, an even oilier scalp, and so on. The fact that these summer beauty woes are pretty common doesn’t make them any less irksome, and sometimes, they can put a real damper on an otherwise perfect summer day. (Nothing spoils an immaculate Sunday in July more than runny foundation or a grease-slicked complexion.) 
After spending the past couple of summers socially distancing and isolating, a primer — no pun intended — on how to tackle the season flawlessly (at least beauty-wise) is likely in order. So, with help from Ulta Beauty, we tapped a slew of dermatologists, hair stylists, makeup artists, and more experts to weigh in on six nearly universal beauty issues that tend to crop up during the summer. With editor-approved product recommendations and manageable solutions to solve even the peskiest of problems, consider this your official guide to a carefree summer.

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