Create An Indoor Succulent Oasis With These Essentials

Photographed by Maria del Rio.
We see them in shops and restaurants, styled in ads across the web, sitting on our cool friends' countertops, office desks, and coffee tables...Succulents are everywhere. These mini plants have quickly become a millennial lifestyle marker, representing affordable luxury with their effortlessly trendy and zen vibes. On top of soothing hues, soft shapes, and a resilient reputation (a.k.a. tough to kill for plant noobs lacking green thumbs), succulents can be easily purchased online in a variety of sizes and prices.
Getting in on the popular green trend is simple: read up on the how-to of planting and shop our apartment garden essentials guide ahead. Your dream millennial lifestyle aesthetic is only a DIY indoor succulent oasis away — complete with starter succulents, hanging planters, preserved moss, terrarium tools, and speckled pots — all you need to decide is where to plant them.
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Start off your apartment garden with this sedum rubrotinctum (a.k.a Jelly Bean) succulent, an easy sun-loving option that requires minimal watering to thrive.
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No indoor succulent oasis is complete without a tiny set of terrarium tools for helping to shape and maintain the zen vibes of your potted plants.
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Echeverias (a.k.a. Desert Roses) are native to America and prefer either direct or partial, very bright sunlight. These succulents also tend to sprout white, orange, pink, or red flowers during warmer months.
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If your apartment doesn't have an inch of counter space to spare for your indoor succulent oasis plans, fear not — these hanging metal and rope planters have it handled.
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Haworthias are small South African succulents that prefer bright, indirect sunlight and life in a small clay pot on your window sill.
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Use Dr. Earth's exotic blend to securely plant your succulents with soil made from a premium selection of composted organic materials.
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Pachyphytum are small to medium-sized Mexican succulents that thrive best in bright, full sunlight.
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Pick up an assortment of these trendy, yet durable, cement-cork pots to safely hold your succulents in style.
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Use a pinch of this preserved moss as a final accent to your newly potted plants.
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Graptopetalum pentandrum are wide, flat, and open succulents with a rosette-like appearance. They thrive in direct sunlight and produce pretty pale yellow flowers from late winter to early spring.
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Skip the multi-step planting work and purchase this bohemian ceramic pot complete with a live succulent already inside.

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