This New Smart Watch Is Made For Fashion Girls

There’s something about wearing a watch that makes us feel like we have our act together. Maybe it’s because a timepiece is a symbol of maturity and punctuality (even if we’re habitually five minutes late to everything). Yet, even with all the reasons they can make our lives easier, we still hesitate when it comes to smart watches. Though undeniably savvy, we have to admit the prototypes haven’t been the most stylish of accoutrements. That is, until Samsung decided to shake things up with the new Gear S2. Despite the techy name, this completely customizable device is making a play for fashion girls’ wrists, specifically with a variety of street style-approved downloadable watch faces (all of them are available via the Samsung Gear app), an interchangeable band, and an elegant overall design. This much-anticipated new version just launched in November with 3G or 4G functionality, an added perk on top of the slew of apps you can use to streamline your habits like tracking your caffeine intake or checking texts on the DL. Inspired by this cool combination of form and function, we collaborated with Samsung to create the Gear S2 lookbook, showing just how chic it can look to keep track of time (and, well, your entire life). Check out the different styles and reasons to get on board with this tech-cessory ahead.
Photographed by Sam Nixon.
Stay Updated (Without Getting Sucked In)
Checking your phone mid-conversation can send the message that you’re temporarily checked out IRL, but glancing at your wrist when an update pings feels slightly less invasive. The flicker of a text message or meeting reminder makes it easy to determine whether a notification is important or can wait for later, without taking up too much of your attention span.
Find Your Face
Changing your timepiece to match your outfit is a thing of the past: Thanks to customizable and downloadable watch faces, you can swap the look of the Gear S2 at your command. Simply click through a gallery of options on your Android phone to find your favorite look, and it'll sync to your wrist instantly. Most offer more than just a pretty face, with weather, news, and fitness tracker stats.
Cut The Pocket Check
Thanks to our devices, getting directions, picking out a nearby lunch spot, or skipping to the next song can take just a few seconds en route. But if you’re shuffling around for your phone, this quick exchange isn't so easy. Using your watch over your cell can help you avoid that panicked pocket check when you're on the go.
Photographed by Sam Nixon.
Watch Yourself
Whether your goal is to drink more water, lower your heart rate, or simply be more active throughout the day, the Gear S2 is equipped to put you on the right track. Thanks to the S Health and Nike+ apps, you can monitor your activity level by recording a workout or simply tracking your steps throughout the day. Looking for a more visual approach? Choose the Activity Bubbles watch face for a visual reminder to get moving.
Photographed by Sam Nixon.

Lose Your Grip
As much as we love our phone (and all the cute cases we can dress it in), being saddled with our cell 24/7 is a habit we’d be totally okay giving up on occasion. The eye and finger strain that come with constant phone use can be replaced with a graceful glance at your wrist, not to mention that it eliminates awkward moments when you’re better off going hands free, like an outdoor run or navigating your way through a new city.
For more deets on all the tricks this wearable tech can do, check out the video below.
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