The Bomb Style Icons Who Made '89 Gorgeous

Sure, we could have waited until December to write this post, but so much good fashion has already happened this year that we couldn't wait! Like you, we're getting a little tired of ripped sweatshirts, fishnet gloves, and bogus buccaneer shirts. Now that we're in '89 though, we see a whole slew of ladies making fashion boss again.
These are the gal pals who made top hats the new nylon cap, taught us all how to flip over the hems of our faded Lee's, and showed us that the drop-waist mini pouffy skirt wasn't anything to have a cow over. Here are the chicks that really stood out for us in '89; there's not a lame Joanie in the mix!
Also — happy April 1st!
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Lisa Bonet — Denise Huxtable will always be our favorite Huxtable, if not for her sassy on-air one-liners, then for her impeccable, boho-clash style. And her main man Lenny Kravitz? We can only imagine what a hottie their kid will one day be!

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Debbie Gibson — No song that manages to pluck our heartstrings like "Foolish Beat," but while the break-up in the music video really was heart-wrenching, we were more entranced by Debbie's cute bob, her leather jackets, and that all-white look.

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Madonna — This is the woman who's responsible for that street urchin look we were all digging just a few years back. But this softer, more refined Madonna is making us think about switching out our crucifix necklaces for bindis.

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Grace Jones — Grace, Grace, Grace. We don't know what we love most about you: your music, your acting roles (um, Vamp?), or your look. Though we may not be brave enough to go bald, we certainly have considered it because of you.

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Princess Di — What other princess could wear a sweatshirt and jeans on the polo field and manage to look that glamorous? This outfit says everything about why we are obsessed with her.

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Downtown Julie Brown — Don't tell Cindy Crawford, but MTV VJ Julie Brown is our favorite of the bunch. This girl is absolutely fearless with her fashion… and gets to stand next to mega-hunk Kirk Cameron (who's totally not a crazy evangelical).

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Tina Chow — Tina has been stunning the fashion set since the '70s, and has been an International Best Dressed List fixture for a few years now, but we think she just gets better with time. Her short crop and slinky gold gown here is both punk rock and princess.

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Alyssa Milano — It's no question that Tony Danza plays second fiddle on their show, because it's actually Alyssa Milano who's oh-so boss. Her tomboy-to-hottie transition was totally awesome, and her off-screen style is pretty radical, too.

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Janet Jackson — Michael's younger sis is making waves on the music scene, but we're more into her on-point fashion sense. Just look out that sweater!

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Cyndi Lauper — Though we weren't too thrilled with Cyndi Lauper's last album, we're still enchanted by her wild-girl-gone-sophisticated style. And that skunk dye-job! Totally attempting it this weekend with a bottle of Nice 'n Easy.


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