Strong Opinions Loosely Held Is Back — & All About Memes

Throughout the past two seasons of our pop-culture podcast, Strong Opinions Loosely Held, we've never shied away from sharing a piece of our mind. We've broken down almost every hot-button topic, from sexism to social media. But there's one thing we have yet to cover — memes — and that's about to change.
In partnership with Spotify Spotlight, the home to our Spotify original podcast, Good As Hell, we’re bringing you a five-episode season of Strong Opinions Loosely Held. Join host Elisa Kreisinger as she sits down with some very special guests to share her strong opinions on all things memes. Each episode will tackle a different facet of the meme world and the mark they leave on our culture: from uncovering the story behind the "Woke Charlotte" meme to viewing memes as street art. Get ready, because all five episodes drop on March 3o on Spotify.

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