​How Stress REALLY Affects Millennial Women

In Status: Stressed, Refinery29 is teaming up with Secret, the expert in stress sweat, to have an honest, passionate conversation about the role of stress in the lives of young women today. Knowing we all feel the pressure, we've set out to discover how we can make stress work for — not just against — us.

I'm stressed. You're stressed. We're all stressed. It certainly feels this way, thanks in part to the fact that responding to a simple "how are you?" with "busy," "stressed," or "overwhelmed," has become not just common but somewhat of a badge of honor. It made us think: How did we get here? And what are the effects of living this way? Intrigued, we joined forces with Secret to dive in to the good, the bad, the very real deal of modern stress among almost 1,000 millennial women ages 18 to 34. And the more we learned about what makes us anxious, sweaty, angry, and passionate, the more convinced we became that this topic is zeitgeisty for good reason. Check out the results below, and then let us know, where do you fit in?

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