This Stranger Things Halloween Candy Looks Both Delicious And Terrifying

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Unlike last year, we are woefully not blessed with a new season of Stranger Things to ring in the Halloween season. And while some of us are crossing our fingers that The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will fill that hole for us on Netflix, the cunning geniuses at IT'SUGAR have a tastier option. The candy store just released its own line of Stranger Things-themed treats in time for Halloween.
The answer to your first question is no, there are no special 3 Musketeers bars with which to feed your own Demodog. But, of course, you can get those anywhere. What IT'SUGAR offers is a little more special. For example, there are maple-flavored gummy waffles, resembling Eleven's favorite food. And props to IT'SUGAR for the messaging on the back of the package that says, "Not to be consumed by mouth breathers. Friends don't lie."
Another season one throwback is a box of gummy letters, resembling Joyce's creative Christmas light communication device. The other gummy candy in the collection is a three-inch "My Little Pollywog" that looks unappetizingly just like D'Artagnan but which we are assured is actually fruit flavored. (As of this writing, the little guy is sold out.)
Chocolate lovers can get a carton full of malted milk balls, featuring a "Missing: Barb" notice. There's also an Upside Down chocolate bar that's half milk chocolate, half gray (white) chocolate. Other products that appear to be available only in stores, not online, are some adorable character lollipops and a jar of edible slime from the Hawkins lab (hard pass!).
If you're looking for something even more nostalgic — yet still very creepy! — you can skip the IT'SUGAR collection and buy a Stranger Things Pez dispenser.
All of these are priced much too high for sharing, in our opinion. If you're a crafty type, you might instead consider making your own milk cartons, following these instructions from Genius Kitchen. Or, yeah, just go get some 3 Musketeers and save your money and time making anything but another Eleven costume.

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