Eleven May Work With A New Element In Stranger Things 3

What's Eleven up to these days? Well, hard to tell, given that season 3 of Stranger Things won't return until summer 2019, but Millie Bobby Brown did just give a quick update, courtesy of a certain paparazzo on set. Brown's Instagram story featured a photo of herself seemingly crying near the ocean, proof that Eleven is...going to work with water this season! The photo is a paparazzi photo obtained by a devious photographer. (Brown also shared a video of the paparazzi hidden in some far-off bushed.) Last season, she propelled fire, so this is the natural progression, I presume.
In the story, Brown appears to be near a massive cliff. The cliff looks not dissimilar to the quarry where, in the first season, Eleven rescued Will (Finn Wolfhard) from a grisly death. What are the chances Eleven just decided to go for a swim at the quarry? The quarry is, per the first season, the site of the "door" to the Upside Down. It's where Dustin's (Gaten Matarazzo) compass led the kids when they went to rescue Eleven. Could it be in the third season? Potentially! We can't know for sure until Netflix decides we can.
Brown and the rest of the Stranger Things crew have been filming season 3 of the series in Atlanta for the past few months, but these new photos were taken on the west coast, in Malibu. Filming began in early summer and is still churning on to this day. The only clue about the new season thus far has been a fake ad that dropped in July. The ad hawked a fancy new mall called the Starcourt. Per the video — a well-produced vintage ad — the Starcourt Mall is the new hawt place in Hawkins to do Jazzercise, sip Orange Julius, and listen to your cool-ass Walkman. The only Stranger Things actors to appear in the ad were Joe Keery (Steve Harrington) and Maya Hawke (who will be playing a Hawkins newcomer in the third season).
With that, I am forced to conclude that A) Eleven is now a water master and B) she'll be shooting Orange Julius from the tips of her fingers.

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