6 Stitch Braid Ideas To Start The Fall Season Off Right

It’s time to start Googling for your fall protective style. You could do crochet braids or micro braids, but you just did that for summer vacation. If you’re getting bored with the same ole styles you see every other girl wearing on Instagram, then stitch feed-in braids can be your next look to experiment with.
On the surface, stitch braids look like traditional cornrows — the difference is subtle. “With stitch braids, it's just a matter of a slightly different technique to achieve the stitches in the braid,” says celebrity stylist, Stasha M. Harris. “For the regular feed-in braids, we use the index and middle finger as well as Shine n’ Jam Conditioning Gel to achieve the look. The stitch technique requires the use of the pinky finger with a nail to create the stitches and lines as well as more of the product to keep the stitches in place.” The result is a graphic style that’s has a linear design across the scalp.
Frizz can easily derail a stitch braid style, so make sure to maintain properly. “As for upkeep it's really simple, just be sure to wear a durag or head scarf at night for sleeping,” says Harris. “If you have natural hair, avoid getting the braids wet as the hair will frizz.” Ahead, check out seven of our favorite stitch braid styles that you’ll be rushing to your local braider to recreate.
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These classic straight-back cornrows have a whole new look after this stitch-braided twist. To recreate these baby hairs, it’s best to use a fine-tooth comb or a toothbrush with your favorite edge control gel.
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Make sure your hair is detangled as much as possible to avoid any frizz in the center of the braids. It's also easier to get the stitch effect on hair that has been blowdried straight.
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These stitch braids have larger sections to give this braided, double-bun style a graphic look.
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You don't have to wear your stitch braids straight back. This braided high ponytail is perfect if you don’t want any hair on your neck or shoulders.
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Here's another variation of a stitch braid style that's pulled back into a half-up-half-down hairstyle.
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These classic, straight-back stitch braids are accented with smaller cornrows running in between each row.