5 Ways To Stay Hydrated For People Who Hate Water

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Okay, when access to clean drinking water is such a pressing issue worldwide, it admittedly feels like a pretty egregious #firstworldproblem to complain that you don't like the taste of water. Totally fair! But as much gratitude as you might feel for the safe H2O that comes freely out of your tap, it doesn't necessarily mean you love drinking it.
So is there a way to get all the hydration you need without actually drinking that much water? Yep: In fact, it's surprisingly easy. We actually take in tons of water from plenty of sources that aren't straight-up water, including food and other drinks. That's right — even sugary, caffeinated sodas count as hydrating, because they're still made mostly of water.
That's not to say that you should forget good ol' H2O entirely. It should still be your go-to in general, and especially if you're working out or sick. And, considering how much sugar Americans already get, you certainly don't want to be relying on sugar-filled drinks for your hydration either.
That's why we've gathered a bunch of other sources of that sweet, sweet water to help you stay hydrated — without falling asleep mid-glass. Continue on to find your new thirst-quenching faves. And maybe consider making a donation to an organization like charity:water to help those who don't have quite so many options when it comes to hydration.

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