These Looks Are Proof That Brows Are The Basis Of Every Makeup Routine

produced by Jay Brunson.
If you ask us, the basis of every great makeup look starts just north of our eyes with our eyebrows. In fact, if the past five years have been any indication, it's safe to say the whole brow obsession is only gaining steam. So, to play up our favorite facial features in some fun ways, we tapped three R29ers to test Kat Von D Beauty's newest brow line — from a bold powder that sculpts standout brows to an electric-blue pomade that also serves as the perfect under-brow pop of color to a classic pencil for a precise, polished look. Ahead, get the lowdown on how to master every one of these eye(brow)-popping looks like a pro.
Look 1: The Power Brow
Step 1. Gently dip a small angled shadow brush into Kat Von D's Brow Struck Dimension Powder, and begin to trace the natural lines of your brows — starting at your inner corners and working your way out to your ends.
Step 2. Fill in sparse areas with powder.
Step 3. Make sure the powder is evenly distributed and your brows are equal lengths on both sides.
Look 2: The Color-Pop Accent Brow
Step 1. Dip a small pointed eyeliner brush into Kat Von D's 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade in Satellite Blue, and swipe the color along both of your bottom eyelids.
Step 2. Using the same brush, trace the natural curve underneath your eyebrows to create a colorful, budge-proof accent brow. Fill in your entire brow for an even bolder look.
Look 3: The Faux Microbladed Brow
Step 1. To mimic precise, microbladed-esque brows, reach for Kat Von D's Signature Brow Precision Pencil; trace the natural line of your brows, filling in any gaps. Build to your desired level of coverage by adding additional coats.
Step 2. Flip the brow pencil, and use the spoolie side to brush up stray hairs into place.

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