14 Hacks That Will Change Your Beauty Routine

Keeping up with our beauty routines day after day can be kind of a pain: Ain't nobody got time for perfectly symmetrical cat-eye flicks or precise lipliner every morning. Not to mention that always trying the latest and greatest products on the market requires Benjamins that most of us don't have. So, we appreciate a good shortcut (or two, or three).
Because sharing is caring, we polled our staff about the hacks they had been hiding up their sleeves. They told us their best time- and money-saving secrets, like using household items as makeup remover and creating a DIY conditioner in one easy step. We trust their judgment completely: They're some of the most resourceful people we know.
Click through for their tips and tricks. Hey, sometimes it's good to cut corners.
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"If I'm going to the gym and don't have time to dry my hair (or in the morning, before work, too), what I do is lightly spritz it with water, and then separate it into two sections to do a loose rope braid. Next, I blowdry the braid a bit, and leave it in until I arrive at work. Once I take it out, voila — loose, beachy waves." — Mindy Schneider, director of West Coast sales
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"I'm not a lipliner fan, mostly because of how long it takes to fill in my lips with a tiny pencil. The best part of lipstick is that it's a swipe-on-and-go sort of thing. So, to make sure it's on evenly, with crisp lines, I forgo the liner altogether and use a concealer pen around my lips. This creates a perfect boundary between lip and skin, to prevent bleeding and smudging, and makes the whole lip stand out more. I paint it on directly from the concealer pen after applying the lipstick, and then blend it outward with my fingers." — Gabrielle Korn, beauty editor
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Photo: Via Shiseido.
"I blast my eyelash curler with some heat from my hair dryer. It acts like a mini curling iron for my lashes. The curler I use is from Shiseido. It's an Asian brand, so it's less rounded, which is really user-friendly. And, as a Korean gal myself, I swear by it." — Annie Kim, senior campaign manager
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Photo: Via Boots.
"Sunscreens are always lying and saying they're oil-free, and the result is that I end up looking like a disgusting, pasty, shiny blobfish. On the other hand, most sunscreen-moisturizer combos don't offer the level of SPF I want. This Boots No.7 product is great, though. I use it as a moisturizer, and it's truly oil-free. It makes your skin feel super soft, and look nice and matte, too. " — Lexi Nisita, social media director
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Photo: Via Redken.
"I wash my bangs in the sink — with just shampoo and no conditioner — when I don't have time to wash my hair. It gets rid of the greasiest part: I just spray a little bit of dry shampoo near my crown, and I'm good to go. I use All Soft from Redken because there's a moisturizing element to it, which is totally key since I skip conditioner." — Neha Gandhi, executive editor
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"I've been trying to go for a more natural look with my cosmetics, and I recently realized that my bronzer looks amazing as an eyeshadow. So, after I'm done sculpting around my cheekbones, forehead, and along my jawline, I swipe the bronzer onto my lids. I don't even change brushes — I just dip my fluffy brush in and brush the pigment under my eyes. To get a more undone, sexy look, I use my pinky to work the bronzer under my lower lashline, too. Some brown eyeliner, mascara, and voila — the perfect daytime look, in five minutes flat." — Maria Del Russo, beauty writer
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Photo: Via Neosporin.
"When I feel a pimple sensation, or even if I have a full-blown zit situation, I rub on a small amount of Neosporin. Nine times out of 10, the next morning, it’s pretty much gone. My old Bliss facialist told me the trick, and I've been using it ever since. I have no idea why or how it works; all I know is it’s magic. Kinda like Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding." — Michelle Chen, VP of ad operations
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Photo: Via Chanel.
"To get a lip look that stays put, I don't fuss around with lipstick. I just use lipliner. It has more wax in it, so it's meant to stay put. Lipstick also has to be hydrating, and those emollients make it more prone to feather, bleed, and fade. I line my lips with pencil, and fill them in. Then, I use a tissue to blot. Because liners can look a little chalky, or super dry, I follow this by putting a dab of clear balm on a Q-tip and gently rubbing it over the top. Right now, I'm loving Chanel Le Crayon Lèvres in Mordore — a deep, beautiful, bloodied berry." — Megan McIntyre, beauty director
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Photo: Via Burt's Bees.
"To [let] my hair [go] for one more day without washing, I use baby powder to take care of some of the oil. This works best for people with light hair, but I know a lot of ladies with darker hair that do this, too. I usually sprinkle the powder on my part and...around the crown of my head. It's best if you flip the hair in the back a bit to make sure you're covering all the angles. Then, I use my fingertips to rub it in and brush my hair with the low setting on my dryer, to make sure it's all worked in. You can get through most of your day with significantly less dirty-looking hair. And, it doesn't hurt to have another container of baby powder at work for touch-ups." — Katie Hegarty, associate director of brand experiences
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Photo: Via Josie Maran.
"I use Josie Maran Argan Oil for pretty much everything! On my face before I go to sleep, instead of eye cream (I once heard an older French woman on the Today Show say argan oil is her secret to staying wrinkle-free), on my hair if it's feeling dry, as cuticle oil, as body moisturizer, as lip gloss... pretty much anything." — Nikki Mendell, public relations coordinator
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"I have super long eyelashes, and fixing mascara on my upper eyelids takes forever. These makeup-removing sticks mean that I can get my mascara exactly the way I want it, and then just clean up the mess afterward without ruining my makeup." — Julie Bogen, assistant social media editor
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"Whenever I've forgotten to pack, or run out of eyeliner, I take the tip of my mascara brush, dip it in some mascara, and use that instead. If it gets onto weird spots on my face, I just spot-clean with a Q-tip. BOOM." — Vanessa Golembewski, associate entertainment editor
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"If you're ever out of shampoo, mix a few drops of your favorite beautifying oil with your conditioner. The oils will, in theory, pull the grease and nasty stuff from your hair — while the conditioner will moisturize. It's kind of like a DIY cleansing conditioner!" — Phillip Picardi, senior beauty editor
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Photo: Via Vaseline.
"If I run out of makeup remover, I'll use Vaseline (or coconut oil) as a replacement. I either apply it directly to my face, or put it on a tissue and rub it in. Sometimes, I put it on a Q-tip to get really precise. It also helps make eyeliner go on smoothly when you're reapplying." — Meg Lazaros, art director
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