Sporty Little Numbers: Yoko Devereaux at the Classic Car Club

Hot rods and sport models were the order of the day at Andy Salzer's Yoko Devereaux spring/summer 2009 runway show. We refer to the cars, of course. Presented at the Classic Car Club in Tribeca, one half of the audience sat in the familar folding chairs while a select few enjoyed the show from the seats of the classic roadsters available for use by members of the club.
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Video by AXVI
From the driver's seat of a red Lamborghini, we truly enjoyed Salzer's sport-influenced, tan-and-sky-blue summer collection. Naturally, all the Yoko Devereaux staples were on hand—extra-long cardigans, graphic T-shirts, and tapered pants. It was a tad programatic—Salzer is a master in his comfort zone—but a tan trench coat was a welcome throwback to 50s style and the short shorts showed a lot of leg without sacrificing masculinity. Finally, the parade of members-only style jackets redone with Salzer's favorite embellishments and patterns made us pine for a drive in the country—or was it the Lambo?
Video by Avant16

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