NYC’s Cult Workout Studio Releases A New Fitness Line

Similar to other only-one-word stars (Madonna, Mariah, Rihanna…) SoulCycle needs neither punctuation nor spacing. Heck, most city fitness freaks can probably identify a fellow "Soulster" just by her aura — or at least her outfit. All you need is a glimpse of the tribe’s iconic, yellow wheel or its skull-and-bones logo, and you can peg 'em. SoulCycle isn't just a brand; it's a workout and a lifestyle, and people want to be a part of it. And, why not? The classes are fun, and you work up a serious sweat to boot.
While the studio already has a range of workout wear, it announced a capsule collection just today. The new line is exclusive to the mobile shopping app, Spring. Hopefully, it will provide enough of a SoulCycle fix to curb the “Total Tribeca Meltdown Alert” that was caused by one SoulCycle studio announcing a temporary, three-week closure for renovations.
Click through to check out the capsule collection, made with a New Yorker in mind. Five of these items are available now, and the other three launch tomorrow. We know what we'll be doing on our phones in the morning — and it won't be swiping left.