Snow Sales: Because Even The Elements Can't Stop Us From Shopping

The first big snow storm of the year left NYC frozen overnight, and we wish we were only talking temperature. The trains are frozen too, and so are cabs, mailboxes, sidewalks, and our agendas. But some retailers are taking note of our peril, and they've cooked up some delectable snow day sales to keep us toasty through the blizzard. You may be snowed in, but that doesn't mean you can't ignite your consumer mojo! Besides, don't you need a slick new pair of snow boots and some glamorous ear muffs? Yes, of course you do.
Kirna Zabête is stocked with a curated collection of the hottest items you need to have now, and with prices reduced up to 60% on names like Alexander Wang, Erro, and Givenchy, this may just be the Christmas miracle you were waiting for. You'll even find something for spring!
When: Today only
Where: Kirna Zabête Online
Urban Outfitters understands what frustrations winter weather can induce to those of us who just want to look cute, despite the wind chill. They're offering 20% any purchase in their online shop when you type "SNOWEDIN" at checkout.
When: Today only
Where: Urban Outfitters Online
Trans-global boutique Babel Fair embodies the spirit of worldly travel and tasteful shopping expeditions, all in the convenient closeness of Nolita. Right now their mailing list members are receiving 33% off anything they buy when they give their name at the register. You'll have to brave the outdoors for this one, but it's well worth the hike. Grab your ice pick and go!
When: Today through December 31st
Where: Babel Fair, 260 Elizabeth Street (between Prince and E. Houston Streets); Nolita: 646-360-3685
Kaight's collection of winter wares is already enticing, but add to that their 30% off gift just for suffering through the cold, and you've got something to smile about. Shop labels like EDUN and Lulu Frost, pop in the coupon code "snowday" at checkout, and you'll be walking in a winter wonderland.
When: Today until 12:00PM EST tomorrow
Where: Kaight Shop Online

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