Extreme Braiding: The Serpent Plait

It's pretty obvious (emphasis on the pretty) that braids are here to stay. We've seen all kinds of fabulous, unique plaits everywhere from the red carpet to the runway to the street. Whether your hair is straight or curly, long or short, there's a myriad of braided styles out there that will cure you of any hair boredom you may have — without having to resort to chopping it all off or dyeing it purple.
Sadly, at this point in the woven mane craze, it's rare that we see a new braid style that gets us truly excited (at a certain point, our hair and our fingers just end up tied in knots!), but when we stumbled across this video featuring "snake braids," our minds were actually blown. The crazy, lanyard-esque style looks like it would involve mad weaving skills (and possibly a crochet hook), but we were amazed to see that it barely takes any more time than a standard braid. To recreate the look, you simply create a braid, push it up against itself, and then rearrange it so that you can see the detail. Crazy, cool, and seriously innovative — we can't believe we never thought about this before!
Check out the video and tell us what you think: Are we nuts, or are snake braids the coolest new way to plait?
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