Miracle Drink: This Watermelon Smoothie Will Make (Maybe Save) Your Day

[UPDATED: This story was originally posted on June 19. In honor of National Watermelon Day, we thought we'd give you guys a fun idea on how to celebrate this summer fruit with style. Bon appetit!]

‘Tis the season, everyone. The season of swimming, sunshine, and a barbecue every
other night, that is. (Side note: Are we crazy, or do all our friends' have birthdays within the same week — like, this week?)

Anyway, point being, all this
outdoor merrymaking is a blast, but sometimes it leaves us feeling less than festive, particularly around this part of the way — and around this time of day. Nothing like a puffy, post-potato-chip face and mystery-punch headache to
make you want to hide out in the AC all day. Or forever.


But all is not lost. Enter, the watermelon smoothie. While many smoothie recipes are more like
glorified dessert, this is one you can feel good about. Fresh, sweet, and utterly sinless,
– this treat is guaranteed to get you hydrated and de-puffed with minimal effort.
lot less effort than going to the gym, anyway.) Maybe it’s the high water content and
fiber count of watermelon. Maybe it’s the pick-me-up quality of fresh mint. Or maybe
it’s the work of satan – in which case, all hail the watermelon smoothie! This four-
ingredient wonder-shake has the power to raise you from a partied-out heap on
the couch and turn you into a functional human again. So, ditch out of work early, follow the directions below, and spend the rest of your day (and week) feeling all shiny and happy in the sun.

½ cup ice
3 cups watermelon
a handful of fresh mint leaves – do this to your taste, but it’s crucial!
1/3 cup seltzer water (sodium-free, for goodness sake)
squeeze of lime – if you’re up to it

Throw ice, watermelon, and mint in a blender. Smush the watermelon in with a
wooden spoon (once you turn the blender on, you’ll see that it fits). Blend until
watermelon is smooth, mint is incorporated, and ice is mostly crushed.

Pour seltzer into a tall glass and top with watermelon mixture and optional lime.
You’re done. Enjoy your drink, then enjoy the rest of your day!

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