7 Sleep Gadgets That Actually Work

Sleep is everything. We should officially quit saying other things are "everything" because sleep is everything, ever. A full, uninterrupted night of rest makes our brains more efficient, our mood more stable and positive, and even allows our bodies to work better. When we get a lousy night's sleep? Everything is lousy.
I'm generally a difficult sleeper, but I go through phases where sleep feels like a college I will never get into. Like, my teachers are all, "Sure, apply to Sleep. You never know!" But then they leave brochures for Insomniac online night classes on my desk, because who are we kidding? Over the past few months, I decided to throw some technology at the problem. Don't get me wrong; I'm well-versed in natural remedies and the importance of sleep hygiene. I work out, my supplements are stocked, and my phone is chock-full of guided sleep meditations. Usually, that stuff (plus, some classic breathing techniques) does the trick. Sometimes, though, I need a little extra help.
I tested out some of the most popular and praised sleep-tech gadgets on the market, from simple to incredibly strange. Some worked like gangbusters; others had a more subtle impact. But, each of them surprised me in their ability to help me get to sleep and stay asleep. Ahead, the ones worth taking a look at (if only because one of them is a magic sleep bracelet). Here's hoping one of them will take you off the waiting list and get you into Sleep.
Goodnight, and good luck.

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