8 Artificial Plants That Look As Good As The Real Deal

We're perfectly capable of paying our bills on time, filing our taxes, and negotiating for better salaries. But somehow, keeping our houseplants alive is still one of the hardest "adulting" things to manage. As much as we love having a bit of greenery to spruce up our living spaces, the constant upkeep is a big drawback — and prolonging the short lifespans of flowers can take a whole lot of effort. And sometimes, the lighting situation in our apartments is just plain unsuitable for vegetable life.
Whether you're too busy for all that upkeep or just plain forgetful, artificial plants can be a great alternative to the real deal. We're not talking about the cheap-looking blossoms that easily tip people off to their counterfeit status, but rather ones of the well-made variety: Delicate silk bouquets or lifelike shrubs that perfectly replicate the look and feel of a living, breathing plant. Click through for our edit of verdant decor that requires zero care to look well-hydrated 24/7.,

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