Shoe Fly! Argila’s Winter 08/09 Collection

There's something to be said for sexy-ugly (we're looking at you, Adrien Brody). And when it comes to footwear that toes the line between quirky cool and just, um, quirky, Spain's Argila label leads the pack. Though designer Pep Monjo's bulbous, upward-tilting, Olive Oyl-esque toes give us pause, his winter 08/09 collection includes some definitely wearable gems that deserve a slot next to our Rachel Comeys. Two favorites: The cone-heeled, Velcro-bound suede Ante Hunter ankle boot, and a slightly taller, putty-hued leather boot with a folded-over collar. Slightly granny-ish, perhaps, but we're okay with that. Now come give Nana a kiss.
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